Scions of the Stars

One hundred years into the future, Humanity discovers the secret of interstellar travel. With time and tenacity, we spread beyond the confines of the Solar System. We discover we are not alone, and that there is more to existence than what meets the eye with the mysterious advent of psionics. Thanks to these new powers, technology evolves in a way that was before never thought possible.

Alas, such success shatters when what will come to be known as The Scream devastates Human and Alien star empires alike. Those gifted with the psychic talent are stripped of their sanity. Technology that relies on psionics suddenly stops working, and the colonies that depend on it must find a new way to survive or perish.

Six hundred years later, Humanity begins to regain a few scraps of its former power. The origins of The Scream are still unknown, and there are those who fear it could happen again. Nevertheless, there are those who see this as the time to explore the stars once more.

The year is 3200. The Terra Firma and her crew are some of those brave souls who dare to explore. This is their story.

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Scions of the Stars

Scions of the stars