La Republica Empyreana

Size: Multi-Sector
Tech Level: 4.5
Government: Representative
Goals: Space Exploration, Scientific Discovery

La Republica Empyreana (also known as Re), is one of the few multi-species organizations in the galaxy. It is inspired by an ancient Human culture, with different divisions (called pantheons) representing the republic’s interests.

La Republica originally started off as “Reclaim Earth.” It was a Human-founded organization dedicated towards returning Humanity to Pre-Scream levels of technology and quality of life while avoiding the pitfalls and hubris of the Terran Mandate. However, the purpose of the organization changed with other Alien worlds affected by the Scream petitioned for membership. Reclaim Earth became “La Republica Empyreana” (The Empyrean Republic).


Anubis: Diplomatic missions
Horus: Military defense
Isis: Medical and humanitarian assistance
Osiris: Researching and recreating Pre-Scream technology
Thoth: Exploration and discovery

La Republica Empyreana

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