Joachan System

Star: Joachan (Small Yellow Star)
Affiliation: Seyger Consortium
Planets: 2 planets, with an Oort cloud at the end.

Type: Medium Earth-like analog
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Temperate
Biosphere: Human miscible
Population: Millions of inhabitants
Tech Level: 4
Summary: Bellager is the home world of the Seyger Consortium, which is also the ruling authority in the system. Most of the planet’s efforts go towards producing valuable goods for trading and generating profit. The planet’s Human-friendly biosphere makes it an ideal world for agriculture. However, the Bellager does its fair share of mining as well.

Type: Small Earth-like analog
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Cold
Biosphere: Immiscible
Population: Tens of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level: 3
Summary: Gatakan is the main site of the Seyger Consortium’s mining operation. It also serves as a prison colony for the system. Criminals and disgruntled employees are sent to the system to mine valuable resources, such as heavy metals and neo-Perovskites (a necessary component of Spike drive construction). There are some non-penal outposts on Gatakan, but it is the exception to the rule. Along with cold weather gear, tailored anti-allergens or vacc suits are necessary to survive on Gatakan.

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Joachan System

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